LETTER: Strong opposition is totally ignored

Your letters
Your letters

Thank you for your recent article describing the representation document submitted to HDC by Mayfield Market Towns (‘Plans released for new Sussex town’, July 24th 2014). This document is deafening in its silence about the tremendous adverse impact these plans would have on the local area and surrounding communities.

Mayfield’s proposals represent the antithesis of the localism the government is seeking. These proposals are opposed by local MPs, Horsham and Mid Sussex district councils and local councils. Given that Mayfield are completely ignoring this strong local opposition, I find it deeply ironic that they cite the government prospectus on ‘Locally Led Garden Cities’ in their representations.

I hope that HDC, and the Inspector to whom many of the representations are addressed, will recognise the self-serving nature of Mayfield’s proposals.

They deserve to be treated with the same contempt that Mayfield have shown for local democracy.


Blackstone Street, Blackstone