Letter: Storm of protest

SURELY Horsham district councillors cannot turn deaf ears to the growing storm of protest that was highlighted in the West Sussex County Times of March 8.

I appeal to them all to step back and consider just why a naturally Conservative electorate and a deeply Conservative council are at such loggerheads?

I suggest there are three factors that they should analyse:

First whether the long held overall policy that the council can, and should, drive forward big infrastructure projects with only token reference to its population is sustainable.

Second whether the dependence upon the cabinet principle of management actually fosters good decision making.

It seems to devolve far too much power to paid officers who have been allowed to develop hugely influential semi-autonomous empires.

At the very least more than one elected member should have responsibility for the larger departments. Then for, example, when councillor Ian Howard is, by his own admission, unable to understand all the figures and assumptions contained in the Hearn report, he can ask another member for assistance.

Third, and as also highlighted in the March 8 edition, they must ‘cease to pretend to consult’ and must remember that they represent the population and are answerable to it.

I sincerely hope our elected members will ponder on this.


Keep Southwater Green

Marlhurst, Southwater