LETTER: Stop the clock to save green fields

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Your letters

I must comment on the article in WSCT of 31 October by Claire Vickers on her assertion regarding previous developments around Horsham that people ‘wouldn’t want to turn the clock back’.

She uses as her example of this developments around the town centre, the move of St Mark’s Church, the opening of Sainbury’s store in its current position etc.

In my opinion these were poor examples of her argument in favour of development in the North Horsham area.

I think most people agree that the improvements to the town centre have been for the good, safer pedestrian areas were undoubtedly a step forward.

But to compare the upgrading of what was always a town centre area with the wholesale despoliation of a green field site consisting of productive farmland and lovely wooded areas, is frankly ridiculous and not at all logical.

Quite honestly as far as this and other proposed developments around our town are concerned, if they were to go ahead there would be many, in years to come, who would desperately like to be able to ‘turn the clock back’.

No, Mrs Vickers, let’s not think about ‘turning the clock back’, let’s stop the clock here before any more land around Horsham is covered with bricks and concrete.


Kerves Lane, Horsham