Letter: ‘Stop building’ in a drought

THE ENVIRONMENT Agency has officially declared Horsham district as in drought.

Younger readers will remember the severe water shortages in 1976 and the various restrictions on washing vehicles, baths and watering plants.

The public became ever more worried about the situation, including the affects on nature and the possibility of standpipes and drinking water shortages.

Even the Horsham sewage works suffered a major burnout as it could not operate with the reduced amount of waste water.

If we are to avoid a repeat of this misery, it would be prudent for Horsham district to stabilise its population by putting occupation of the massive new estates on hold until the end of the emergency.

I am sure the Environment Agency will have the necessary emergency powers to do this.

Even a few percent increase in water usage could make the difference whether or not we have water in our taps.

To ignore this issue is to lose support of the public on vital water saving measures.


Woodlands Way