LETTER: Standards have fallen in area

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Your letters

Last year’s attempt to fill in the many pot holes that continue along Lambs Farm Road was a complete waste of time and money as they did not last long at all.

This year we have what I would say was more than pot holes, the road is cracking up. Every morning when I leave home for work I have to weave my way down the road and up the road on my return.

Twice now I thought I had damaged my car when there was a loud thud but fortunately no damage - but that, I feel, was more luck than judgement.

Last year a small lorry with not a lot of Tarmac on the back and a couple of workers seemed to only fill in the larger holes and not the many small ones. Therefore the smaller ones were left to get bigger.

There will be a terrible accident soon if this is allowed to continue. We have cyclists as well using the road and I shudder to think what might happen.

The last thing I wish to bring to your attention is that there is rubbish dumping at the back of the shops in Lambs Farm Road.

We have had bikes which we reported to the police and have since gone and we now have a fridge.We have had people’s garden rubbish left in bags and bags of concrete just left there.

We only have our wheelie bins and anyway why should we fill our bins with some one else’s rubbish.

We are pensioners and this is a step too far for us but we feel our surrounding area has really gone down in our estimation and no longer enjoy living here.Standards have fallen.

Mrs Pauline Stevens

Lambs Farm Road, Horsham