LETTER: Stand up and vote for real change

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Your letters

I am indebted to Peter Grace’s letter (WSCT, March 6) in which he raises several relevant and pertinent points concerning what currently passes as our British Democracy (sic). Also to Derek Emsley (WSCT, March 13).

Notwithstanding our Representation of the People’s Act, as amended 2003, we have for at least two decades now suffered misrepresentation, indeed one might also say ‘an elected dictatorship’.

For all the good we may have thought it was doing for us by going to the polls it has been, in effect, one man who has decided our fate. One man and his so-called passion (whether misguided or otherwise) a party- elected head of Cabinet.

At top level a Prime Minister decides, the remainder of the cabinet kowtowing, many of whom will be thinking more of their future promotion prospects and their party loyalty needs rather than the needs of our people, the electorate.

Likewise we see this phenomenon in local governance where here in Horsham District Council it has been highlighted shamelessly by Ray Dawe and Philip Circus (witness Cllr Christian Mitchell) in much of the same way as by Blair and now by Cameron.

The party whip is there for all to see!

So, where has our representation gone? This is the (EU) Cabinet System for you!

As I have previously stated (WSCT, October 17 and 31) the people at large have long lost their trust in our supposed democracy (power of the people). It has become anything but.

Here are a few figures and percentages simply to illustrate our plight. It can be seen that we are nominally governed by a small minority at best.

Total Electorate GE 2010


Total Votes Cast M29,682,418 (65.1 per cent of Electorate)

Total Coalition Votes M17,538,413 (38.5 per cent of Electorate)

Coalition MPs (18.7 per cent of the Electorate)

Coalition MPs 28.7 per cent of votes cast of these Con MPs 24.6 per cent, Lib-Dems 4.1 per cent.

Actually the turnout was probably better than had been expected there having been an Alternative Vote Ballot as well as a wide spread of local government elections to concentrate attention and in addition some good weather on the day, 2010.

However, by-elections have since tailed off dramatically and recently here in Horsham in October 2013 a county council seat witnessed barely 20.1 per cent. Similar low turnouts such as Taunton 16.2 per cent becoming typical countrywide for the most part.

Peter Grace hit the nail on the head. Our people have lost trust in elected politicians of the Lib-Lab-Con who do NOT represent us but instead represent their own party whip and sometimes their own personal ambitions and interests.

What to do about this?

Peter Grace has got it right again. Read your manifesto carefully, exercise your conscience in the best interests of your country’s needs and put the West Sussex donkey out to grass.

Elect the people to govern the people for the people.

Stand tall and make this country great again.

As long ago as 2004 (Letters, WSCT Feb 13) I stated that what we needed was a Velvet Revolution.

Let us make it a Purple one this coming May 22 and let us change things. Stand up, be counted. We can do it. Join us.


Stane Street, Adversane