LETTER: Stand up and be counted at election

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Your letters

In the Horsham edition of your paper dated 15 January there are numerous articles and quotes that make me, having lived very happily here with my family since 1975, despair for the future of Horsham.

A neighbouring MP (Nick Herbert) pokes his nose into our affairs – expansion at Gatwick would require more housing in the area, current plans would have to be revised (the proposed North Horsham development would be under the flightpath) and could lead to a new town being built on his patch. Meanwhile our esteemed MP remains silent.

A ‘Keep Southwater Green’ spokesperson states that 500 housing units destined for his village equals 1,000 more cars equals chaos in all aspects of life in and around Southwater.

A Chanctonbury councillor (Philip Circus), whose ward is about as far south of Horsham as you can go, states that he does not want the North Horsham development. And yet he voted for it. You see, he was forced into it. It could not possibly be that southern councillors were desperate to keep it out of their own backyards.

Finally the leader of HDC, Ray Dawe (also representing the south of the district), when opposing a second runway at Gatwick states ‘Access to hospitals is already a concern in the northern part of West Sussex and the problems will be exacerbated by further population growth….’.

Meanwhile 2,500 houses have already been approved for North Horsham and this figure is likely to become 4,500 (population growth?) with 9,000-plus more cars.

This will create complete chaos in and around the whole area.

I am not sure that a second runway at Gatwick is needed but I am in favour because it would stop the proposed development and require the new town our adjoining MP is so opposed to.

Horsham residents stand up and be counted. Elections are less than four months away.


Havengate, Horsham