LETTER: Spurious reasons for unwanted plan

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Your letters

I am totally opposed to the proposed development in North Horsham. It is appalling to read that some elected councillors are supporting this option on such spurious grounds, for example, they are under pressure and cannot find an alternative or if they don’t name one of the options then the decision will be taken away from them.

These, and other equally unacceptable reasons for voting for the North Horsham option highlights the fact that some of our councillors should not remain in their position as they are not protecting Horsham from unwanted and unnecessary development in our countryside.

The area in question lies beyond the A264, a historically recognised boundary for development and the strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley.

The developers have launched a proposal claiming that their development will include schools, hospital, station, etc which we already know cannot be substantiated.

Developers want our green fields to build houses to make money. They have no interest in the subsequent chaos of such a huge development and the burden that an increased population will place on our amenities.

Where are the detailed statistics that support the development is necessary and will be sustainable?

The council should be looking at the development of brownfield sites. These should be developed in stages that recognise the need for additional housing for Horsham and should include affordable houses to buy or rent.

Schools and public areas can be improved at a manageable rate.

We have a few councillors that thank goodness are, rather belatedly, speaking against this development.

They need to know that people in Horsham will support them in their fight to stop this unwanted and inappropriate development.

They now need to convince the other councillors who are ‘sitting on the fence’ and provide a united front against this and any other attempts to make developers rich at the expense of the people in Horsham .


Wimland Road, Faygate