Letter: Spring clean to help families

ACCORDING to comedian Michael Macintyre many of us have a ‘man-drawer’ in our homes - a repository for broken, obsolete everyday clutter like spent batteries and mobile phones.

If your ‘man-drawer’ is getting out of control, why not give it a spring clean and help raise a tidy sum to help local families in crisis at the same time?

Sussex charity Family Support Work (FSW) is appealing to people across the county to donate their old mobile phones to help it raise much-needed funds. We’ll be very happy to take your old phones off your hands as we can covert each one into cash and help Sussex families facing difficult times - as a result of bereavement, illness, unemployment, etc - to rebuild their lives and move on.

The amount raised from each old mobile phone varies but all models are welcome as every penny we get will go towards providing Sussex families with practical advice and emotional support, as well as short breaks in the welcoming environment of our Knowles Tooth Children’s Centre in Hurstpierpoint.

Sending your mobiles to us via our partner Forgotten Mobile will not only free up space in your ‘man-drawer’ for other treasures - like foreign coins from your summer holiday - but will leave you happy in the knowledge that you have done your bit to help a local family through these challenging times.

Donating your old mobiles couldn’t be easier. Individuals can request a freepost envelope at www.forgottenmobile.com/family-support-work.php, and once received, slip the old mobile inside it and drop it into a post box.

Businesses and community groups interested in displaying a collection box for staff, members and customers to deposit their phones, should call FSW on 01273 4256990 or email admin@familysupportwork.org.uk. We will arrange for a collection box to be delivered to you.

FSW also accepts donations of CDs, DVDs and games, printer cartridges, and clothing. Simply pack your unwanted items into a box and deliver them to Knowles Tooth Children’s Centre, Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9EZ, Tel 01273 832363.

All CDs, DVDs, and games must be in a perfect playing condition and have all the original artwork, covers and booklets.

Family Support Work (FSW) helps families across East and West Sussex to overcome major difficulties in their lives. Families can get in touch with FSW individually or via local children’s services, schools, GPs and health practitioners. FSW offers parents - or carers - and their children: emotional support - in the form of home visits or either one-to-one or group meetings; practical advice and information; short family breaks - at FSW’s Knowles Tooth Children’s Centre.

The charity relies on donations of: time (from individual volunteers and groups of employees); money (through donations, grants and corporate sponsorship and bequests); food, toys and clothing (for discreet distribution to those in need).

FSW is a registered charity that works within the Sussex-wide Diocese of Chichester. It supports and helps anyone with responsibility for children, irrespective of their faith or belief.

For more information about FSW’s work, including future fundraising events and information on how you can get involved, can be found at www.familysupportwork.org.uk


FSW director

Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint