Letter: Spotlight on the UKIP councillors

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It’s time to put UKIP on the spot. The party picked up several council seats in Sussex and now the spotlight should be trained on its policies.

We hear about UKIP’s broader appeal and how it has become a home for the disillusioned and angry.

But I have heard nothing concrete about how it would, if put in the position, run schools and local services. That concerns me.

In the same breath it pledges to ring fence public services, yet nods reassuringly about capping council tax.

Its last general election manifesto says it wants to sack two million public sector workers and raise defence spending by 50 per cent a year.

How will its back-of-a-fag packet sums add up when council budgets are crunched?

How will it fill the £120bn black hole its policies would create, identified by The Times?

UKIP does not have a clue about what makes our communities tick.

So let’s put its councillors on the spot.

The party’s attendance in the European Parliament is woeful, yet it’s happy to claim the expenses.

I also want assurances they will turn up to council meetings and involve themselves in local decisions.


Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary candidate for South East England, Clays Hill, Bramber