Letter: Splitting up the Horsham district?


I was interested to read Derek Palmer’s letter in last week’s County Times bemoaning the lack of interest shown by Horsham District Council in what he calls the ‘fag end’ of the district, and asking to be released to join the more progressive Adur and Worthing councils.

As he says, this is where their residents go for their shopping and entertainment.

His sentiments are very much felt in reverse by many residents of Horsham town who think that their interests are frequently ignored by an administration almost exclusively run by a clique of councillors from the south of the district.

If, as it seems, Horsham council isn’t working well for anyone, north or south of the district, perhaps the north could join Crawley, the south Arun and Worthing and the bit in the middle Mid Sussex.

So, yes, let’s by all means have a referendum on the break-up of the district - but please count us northerners in too.

John Steele

Old Denne Gardens, Horsham

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