Letter: Spending on Horsham council ‘experts’

WHAT a way to end the year.

1. Horsham District Council spends £280,000 on ‘experts’: I thought the council already employed them as salaried staff - directors, heads of departments etc, plus now a new director of corporate affairs.

2. Inflation busting allowances for councillors at Chichester District Council - but how long before Horsham follows suit?

3. Sale of Horsham Town Hall - perhaps that is to pay for the first item above, who knows?

4. Prayers for a former leader’s business. If the council said prayers for all the business in the area that failed, they wouldn’t have time for council business, so Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and the town hall would be saved. Yipee, job done...

Perhaps the councillors should start their meetings with the following prayer ‘For what we receive from the council tax payers, may we be truly thankful’. Just a thought.


Watersmead Drive