LETTER: Sowing the seeds of charity hope

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As spring is in full swing and flowers bloom The British Polio Fellowship is offering schools up and down Britain packs of wildflower seeds as part of its ‘Sowing the seeds of hope’ campaign.

The campaign, which is running alongside a colouring competition for primary school kids, is a way of raising awareness of the approximate 120,000 people living with the late effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) in the UK.

PPS is a neurological condition that affects 80 per cent of Polio survivors later in life with them living with symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, sensitivity to the cold and breathing problems. Although it affects a similar amount of people as Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease, it benefits from only a fraction of the public and medical awareness, and that is something that the charity is working hard to change.

For more information on the availability of wildflower seeds and how to enter the colouring competition, download a colouring pack for your local school at www.BritishPolio.org.uk


CEO, The British Polio Fellowship, Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire