LETTER: Site worries still unchanged

Not everyone shares your enthusiasm for the proposed development at Barns Green, while the level of support for the project as stated by two Conservative councillors has been grossly exaggerated.

Mesmerised by what has been offered, some people have rushed headlong to accept and enthuse about a package that includes a new school for the village, but at what a price.

There must surely be a more acceptable way to procure a new school.

When this site was the subject of a planning application previously, the district council refused permission because the site was liable to flooding, was fronted by a dangerous road and was in an unsustainable location.

To the best of my knowledge and belief that situation is unchanged and anyone who thinks otherwise should drive past the site then go on to Billingshurst using the ‘main highway’ between the two villages.

Another 69 houses in Barns Green will make for a proportionately large influx of immigrants to the village and perhaps more importantly, another 150 cars that will add to the dangers and inconvenience associated with driving on the narrow, winding lanes that serve for roads in the area.

Moreover, does anyone other than a simpleton really believe that another 69 houses will be the end of it?

Does the same simpleton really believe that the land between Two Mile Ash Road and Sharpenhurst Hill is sacrosanct? If so, I have a bridge to sell them.


The Coopers, Itchingfield