LETTER: Simple questions for Liberty MD

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Your letters

It seems that in continuing to push for the development of North Horsham, the American owned Liberty Property Trust and its UK promoter Andrew Blevins have failed to acknowledge the wise words of President Lincoln that ‘you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time’.

We might add that in the case of Horsham and the Tory Cabinet Cabal and their lemming like cohorts, you can fool certain more gullible people all of the time!

In the light of the series of puff pieces on the proposed North Horsham development in the 26/2/15 edition of the WSCT, I would ask Liberty and Mr Blevins to stop trying to mislead the people of Horsham, most are far more aware and intelligent than his ruse recognises.

I would be grateful if Mr Blevins would answer the following simple questions:

Mr Blevins repeats (page 74) that it ‘leaves open the potential to create a new parkway rail station’. Question: Have Network Rail or Southern agreed to that proposition given their intention to close Faygate and open a station at Kilnwood Vale? Where are the train paths and capacity to meet such demand given that peak time Horsham trains are already full?

He refers to the prospect of a second runway at Gatwick, yet fails to recognise that such a runway would put his proposed development in or close to the 57 LeQ noise contours where development is not permitted. Question: How would he sell £500,000 houses and encourage businesses to locate under a flight path from a new runway even if outside the 57 LeQ noise contour?

He refers to their ‘award winning’ development at Kings Hill (West Malling) in Kent and the jobs and business park they have created, yet fails to acknowledge the cutback in business development provision on that site from that they originally projected (source: Liberty website). Question: What was the original projection for business development at Kings Hill and what is the actual delivered and occupied space? How many jobs were originally projected to be created on the site as compared to those delivered?

He says (page 44) ‘we will increase the local access to housing for first time buyers’. Question: What is the proportion of social housing at the Kings Hill development? How does the delivered compared with the projected in terms of number of social houses available at West Malling? Will Liberty make a binding commitment publicly to providing a minimum of 30 per cent of total homes on the North Horsham site (should it be permitted) as Social Housing?

Over to you Mr Blevins and Liberty for a response.


Smithbarn, Horsham