LETTER: Silence on issues of importance

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Horsham District Council Deputy Leader Cllr Helena Croft (Roffey North) took to Twitter on Saturday, 29 March 2014 to tell the public the banal fact that she was off the next day to Verbier (Switzerland) for: ‘4 days of sun and hopefully some snow!!’ (Well, bully for you!)

But on three local issues of the day that the electorate are interested in Cllr Croft has nothing to say, namely: (1) why as the Cabinet Member for Communications hasn’t Cllr Croft signed the County Times’ Free Speech Charter and why hasn’t she commented on it? (2) why has Cllr Croft seemingly pleaded her ‘right to silence’ and not commented on the disgraceful act of deposing Christian Mitchell as Chairman for this year because he spoke out for his residents who hate her Cabinet’s plans for North Horsham? and (3) why hasn’t Cllr Croft commented on the flawed and politically riddled plan to dump more than 2,500 houses; a secondary school where it isn’t needed and the white elephant of an industrial estate in our Strategic Gap?

Cllr Croft has two Twitter accounts, a Facebook page and the opportunity to comment in this newspaper but has said nothing on these matters. So Cllr Croft, can you now Tweet your views on those three issues please?


Gorringes Brook, Horsham