Letter: Should Storrington be part of Worthing Borough?


For the past 26 years I have been so fortunate in living in the delightful village (more of a small town really) of Storrington, this parish lying at the fag-end of Horsham District.

And, that’s the way it feels with the manner we are treated by those ensconced in their ivory towers situated in RH12 1RL, many of whom probably never having visited this most southerly outpost of their empire anyway.

Yes, ‘fag end’ just about sums it up.

Take refuse collection of all types. Quite regularly the bin lorry arrives here a day later than scheduled; at the other extreme is when one lorry turns up and ten minutes later so does another one, the driver not being aware that the collection has already taken place. Once there were even three of them.

Maybe the third one was in fact the first one chasing the second one to let him know that they had already bin here (apologies for that!), each one chasing its tail. Talk about ‘Dad’s Army!’

Worthing Borough and Adur District Councils have all but completely merged into a single authority.

So why does Horsham District Council not consider releasing Storrington and Sullington Parish into that conglomeration as well?

After all Worthing’s centre is much closer to us than is Horsham’s and this is where many, if not most, of us go for big shopping and professional entertainment anyway.

Referenda seems to be the name of game these days, so why not let us and, if they feel it is worth consideration, some of the other southern parishes bordering Adur/Worthing as well, have one on the question of a merger?

Derek Palmer

Beech Grove, Storrington