Letter: Shoppers driven out

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I MUST thank Horsham District Council for putting the prices on the town car parks, this made me look around at how I shop and where I shop.

After doing some looking around I now find myself no longer needing to go into town for any shopping, what with internet and out of town shops were parking is free, I have found that I can meet all my shopping needs without going to town.

Now if I have found this I am sure some other people will have also found this too. A few people not shopping in town may not seem that bad just now with the level of empty retail units in town. My feeling on this is that more and more people will find like some of us you no longer need to go to town for shopping.

So over the next few years more retail units will go empty and someone will say ‘If we lower the price on parking it might bring shoppers back to the town’.

We do things by habit, and once shops have close and shoppers have left it is a lot harder to bring them back - mainly because of the chicken and egg rule, if there are no shoppers no company will want to open a shop and if there are not many shops open then shoppers will not come.

The point I am making is that if, like I, the change of the town car park rates made me look at how and where I was doing my shopping and others follow, we could well be left with a dead town centre.

Once again, well done Horsham District Council for biting the hand that feeds.


Guildford Road

Broadbridge Heath