LETTER: Shocked by this ill-conceived plan

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Your letters

I am shocked by our councillors’ failure to protect us, local residents, from an ill-conceived plan to obliterate our remaining greenfields (the areas north of A264, across North Horsham, Old Holbrook, Faygate etc).

Previously, this outrageous plan to concrete over this land was being sold to us, local residents, under the promise of a new hospital.

This has since been removed from possibilities. Now, the proposal to put up on these greenfields up to 2,500 houses and a supermarket is being touted to us as beneficial to our local economy, as it will bring with it an industrial estate of 500,000 sq feet, plus car parks.

Horsham is not an industrial town and the location is useless for Gatwick-linked businesses. In addition, we have 10,000s sq ft or possibly 100,000s sq ft of empty industrial units already in our area, and a lot of empty office space.

Additionally, there are planning permissions already in place for additional industrial space at nearby industrial estates, which are sensibly located.

The proposal is clearly senseless, ignores obvious alternatives, and is not of any benefit to Horsham residents.

Further, residents feel ambushed with the release of this plan in August, when so many people are away.

Councillors must immediately change their tactics and fulfill their due obligations to local residents, rather than pandering to a few local landowners and an American developer.

Local residents should write, ASAP, to their local councillor, as, if you do not make your views known, in about eight weeks, you will lose Horsham as you know it. Here is the link: http://www.horsham.gov.uk/1632.aspx


Pondtail Road, Horsham