LETTER: Selfish drivers in a tearing hurry

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Your letters

We have only lived in Horsham for just over two years and are very happy here - BUT the drivers are another thing!

Selfish and inconsiderate - no one stops to let drivers out of side roads because all want to be in a tearing hurry or undertaking seems to be the thing here too.

Last week my husband wanted to feed out of our small road, Sussex Lodge (in between Hurst Road and Wimblehurst), he slowly edged his way and unbelievably four cars drove by without letting us in, the ‘joke’ was - they weren’t going anywhere as the traffic lights were on red - SELFISH DRIVERS.

We actually followed the last car right into Oliver Road, so he wouldn’t have been delayed if he had been considerate.

So drivers, think of others who are ‘feeding in’ to traffic instead of ‘I’M ALRIGHT JACK’.


North Parade,