LETTER: Search for info of wedding party

Frith wedding
Frith wedding

I attach a copy of a photograph I was given some years ago but I cannot remember who the donor was.

It is a rather splendid picture of a Horsham wedding group taken in the late 1920s.

The young boy leaning forward on the right is my late brother- in-law Harold Searle. The lady with the light coloured hat in the back row is my mother-in- law, Kathleen Searle, while the lady on her right is her sister Win Miller.

The gentleman with the splendid moustache in the middle row is my wife’s maternal grandfather Louis Snelling. In fact I think the picture is of a Snelling family wedding.

Should you decide to publish it I would be interested to know who the bride and bridegroom were, the date of the wedding and possibly the identity of the lady with glasses with a large hat almost at the end of the middle row on the right

Infirmation, please, via email to ted.frith@virgin.net


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