LETTER: Schools issue should halt plan

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Your letters

I object to the Greenfields North of A264 as the newly chosen preferred site for developments into 2,500–4,500 houses, a supermarket, and an industrial park of 500,000sq.ft, instead of one of the sensible brownfield sites in the district, and sites within the town bypass and within reach of amenities on foot.

This site is an unacceptable choice from the considera-tions of the environment and infrastructure.

Making this site the pre-ferred option results in North Horsham, Roffey, Rusper, Old Holbrook, Warnham, Colgate, Faygate losing eligibility for Millais and Forest.

There is no need to meddle with the catchment areas here and this move will not be acceptable to parents who, by moving to this area believe themselves to have arranged their children’s schooling.

This is the ruin of family plans for the future, and should not come as a shock to families.

This plan should not proceed any further on that basis alone.

Families can find out that there is no statistical need for a new school for North Horsham and villages, but there is a documented need for a new secondary school in Southwater - why is the new school not being provided in the correct location?

HDC have changed the reasonable strategy which they were working with from a suitable housing site on the brownfields in Southwater to the unsuitable site of the Strategic Gap between Horsham and Crawley

and now have disadvantaged all of the local communities in one fell swoop!

I wish to voice my profound objection to the plan, to the disruption of school catchments, and to the huge industrial estate, for which there is absolutely no documented need and no significant expressions of interest, as well as to the lack of clearly stated essential information available to residents.

Mrs. I. Thirkettle

Sloughbrook Close, Horsham