LETTER: School capacity is major issue

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Your letters

Residents with children that live in or will live in the north of Horsham, beware.

The article that Ray Dawe leader of HDC wrote in the WSCT on Thursday July 4 about the new development in the north of Horsham gave no more information than we already know. The main thing that he failed to mention was the provision of new schools primary and secondary.

Parents already know all primary schools in the north of Horsham are over-subscribed and as such the nearest schools with vacancies within Horsham north area will be Crawley (Broadfield or Bewbush) 2.5 miles.

The same can be said about the secondary school for this area, Tanbridge will be stretched by the children from the new estates in Southwater, Broadbridge Heath and the new estate on the A24.

It leaves Forest and Millais which are also stretched to the limit to accommodate the rest of the children from those areas, and as such leaves the north of Horsham without a secondary school apart from the secondary schools in Crawley.

Jim Rae, deputy cabinet member for finance, also wrote in his column that we must look at the community benefits that could (should read will) be generated through any scheme of schools etc to be provided.

You will find that by building only 2.500 out of 4.500 homes they are not obliged to provide new schools or even a railway station. WSCC education authority, by law, have to provide education for your children but it does not have to be on youy doorstep. Please note, once Horsham had a hospital that dealt with emergencies that was transferred to Crawley with people in Horsham having to travel that distance, look where we have to travel now.

If they can save money that way they can save money by transferring children to schools that have vacancies and that’s Crawley. Just look at the way they deal with this problem in south London, it’s go where they say and not where you would like even if you live within the catchment area.

You can be sure that the sales brochure for the new development will say brilliant Ofsted report at local schools etc, but will not say you have no chance of getting your children a place.

These issues need to be raised, so mothers and fathers voice your concerns and ask for answers at the meetings before the development takes place north of Horsham and express your concerns before it’s too late.


Pondtail Road, Horsham