LETTER: Saved from a humiliating fate

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Your letters

The article ‘Horsham deputy leader ‘clearly disappointed’ by being axed as a candidate’ (19.2.15, p 13) makes for fascinating reading – not because of what it said but rather because of what it told us all about Mrs Croft, the writer.

Has Mrs Croft been reading the letters pages over the last 18 months? She clearly has no idea why only six out of her own Conservative Association of members thought she was worthy of their support.

Mrs Croft’s long and rambling statement given to this newspaper was self-congratulatory – lots of examples of what ‘I’ did – the implication being we should be grateful for her contribution. Perhaps if she re-reads this self-valedictory statement quietly after the dust has settled - it will dawn on her why she did not get the support she so clearly believes was due to her.

The Horsham Conservative Association have saved Mrs Croft (and Mr Rae) from what would have been a far more humiliating fate at the ballot box – and they should thank them for that.


Downsview Road, Horsham