LETTER: Safety measures needed on road

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Your letters

Every weekday I walk to the shop on the corner of Littlehaven Lane and Rusper Road in Horsham. I sometimes think I will take root waiting for it to be clear to cross the road or take my life in my hands to get across.

I am told that the infants school just off Littlehaven Lane have in the past requested a pedestrian crossing to cross Rusper Road and that the parents of children have submitted a petition and the local shop also and I understand that someone was told ‘Nobody has been killed’.

It seems a sorry state of affairs if someone has to die before the council will consider installing a road safety system.

I used to wait until after 09.15 to take my walk, but the road has got busier and busier at any time of day.

When I drive and see pedestrians crossing ahead of me I take my foot off the accelerator, but in 15 years no more than three people have slowed to give me time to finish my crossing.

It never seems to occur to many of the drivers that anyone, young or old , could trip, nor that they would be much later getting to their destination if they killed someone.

As the council seems to take no notice of requests from interested bodies, I feel they should be shamed into reconsidering their position.


Foxleigh Chase, Horsham