LETTER: Sadness over centre closure

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Your letters

We are both saddened at the imminent closure of Mill Stream Medical Centre which has has been important to the fabric of Storrington and invaluable for many people since it was opened in 1998 as a purpose-built surgery with facilities for physiotherapy, counselling, chiropody as well as general consultations and blood tests.

Dr Bailey has been our GP since she came to Storrington in 1990, then based at Forge House in Church Street.

Our occasional visits to her have been like calling on a friend, she has always made us feel at ease.

The rest of the team, other doctors and nurses and receptionists, have always been helpful and efficient.

With 4,300 patients on the roster and the possibility of more people moving to Storrington in years to come, losing this medical centre is a tragedy leaving the village with just one other doctors’ surgery.

It is such a shame that funding could not be provided from one source or another to tackle the deficit while the books could be balanced once more.

The general feeling among those we have spoken to is that they will miss their friendly and personal encounters with those concerned with Mill Stream Medical Centre.


Beech Grove, Storrington