LETTER: Sadness at loss of countryside

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Your letters

It is with sadness I watch the rape of my loved Sussex countryside.

Everywhere I look there appears to be building sites on good agricultural land. Where will all these people work? More long range commuting? More pollution? Have the decision-makers got the infrastructure right?

Already at Groomsland Drive there is extra flooding since the new development to the south was built. To help the trade in Billingshurst High Street, why not go back to street parking, perhaps one hour free. Take note of Cranleigh and Steyning, busy high streets that allow controlled parking.

Back down the A29, Adversane is now nearly connected to industrial units, and Adversane’s green is like a car dump, no care or consideration.

On to Todhurst and Brinsbury. I must say I greatly admire all the diverse education that takes place on the campus, but why the moonscape? Hundreds of tons of spoil dumped on good farmland. Perhaps just for the money; I hope it was spent wisely.

Plus a dangerous entrance on the A29 with large obtrusive sign boards. Now we find a brewery is planned for the east side of the A29 on good farmland. Where on earth is the common sense of Horsham District Council even considering an industrial site on prime farmland with a highly dangerous road entrance against all normal recommendations?

The people who run the campus seem to have no idea of the effect this decision has on the future of the area. The area would have been much better used, if it was rented to students to try to make a living.

Instead all of Adversane and the surrounding area of the countryside will have the pleasure of the sickening smell of a brewery to live with. None of these developments should even be considered unless there is a safety footpath linking Adversane to North Heath.


Adversane Lane, Adversane