LETTER: Saddled with a pointless project

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Your letters

Having had the ridiculous and garish green boxes painted seemingly at random at some of Horsham’s junctions foisted on the town a few months ago, at pointless expense as few, if any, cyclists actually make use of them, we are now being saddled (pardon the pun) with a selection of traffic calming islands to facilitate a contraflow system for cyclists to enable them to have ‘improved links into the town centre’.

I can foresee improved links to East Surrey Hospital’s A and E Department for those cyclists foolhardy enough to cycle against oncoming traffic.

Once again this is a waste of council tax payers’ money – and I see that our traditional Keep Left signs are being replaced, again at pointless expense, with dinky little continental style ones. Why?

What next I wonder? I guess it won’t be long before our roads have Moscow-style lanes down the centre reserved for our local and district councillors so that they are not delayed rushing from one meeting to another to think up yet more ludicrous and expensive so-called improvements to our roads.

The money used for this could have been better spent on filling in more of the pot-holes which cause much more of a hazard for cyclists.


Primrose Copse, Horsham