Letter: Route in public use

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I HAVE read with continuing interest over the last many months of the issue concerning the right of pedestrians through the route onto Denne Hill, Horsham.

I was born in Horsham in 1964 and was bought up in Fordingbridge Close, the road immediately before these gates. As children, my brother and I and many of the children in the close and Denne Road cycled and walked across this route and onto Denne Hill to play in the fields and woods.

I also recall there used to be some sort of steam rally on Denne Hill which was accessed via this route.

I was in Horsham Brownies and Bernard Newman used to own the Lodge House (the first house on the left past the gates where the road forks) and always welcomed the Brownies and Guides into his home to do ‘bob a job’ week, as indeed did Mr and Mrs Evans in Chesworth House. My friends used to own the old School House and there was never any mention of it being ‘private’.

My parents still live in the same house and until the gates were recently erected we all still used the road for walking.

Anyone with half a brain will work out from my date of birth that I am nearly 50 and that means that this route has been in public use for five decades and it is completely absurd that some new land owner(s) has suddenly decided that it is a private road and I am fed up of reading about it.

It always was and should still available for walkers.


Fordingbridge Close, Horsham