LETTER: Roads cannot take more traffic

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Your letters

I object to the proposal to build in the Greenfields North of Horsham. This plan should not be permitted to go through.

1) Commute time for North Horsham residents will be vastly extended or made impossible. We have already had the inconvenience of traffic queues every morning for the building of the roundabout for Kilnvale and have yet to enjoy the impact of the traffic that that will create. How can anyone believe adding to the traffic flow on this road is a consideration? The fields on the A264 need to stay as fields because that road cannot take the pressure of anymore traffic.

2) If a Crawsham is built, North Horsham families will lose their catchment area eligibility for Millais and Forest. People have planned their house buying around school catchment areas. How can anyone believe it is right to change these, especially considering the difficulty people now experience in qualifying for mortgages. Added to that people have paid high prices to live in North Horsham and now all their plans for their families’ education are being changed without consultation?

3) Horsham will soon be one of the worst, rather than best places to live. Why are our council not striving to protect the good name Horsham has? Why would they put so much strain on resources that all their good work comes undone? I would more than happily walk around the Lemmington Way area without any fear of crime or of kids hanging around street corners. Yet the council do not seem to mind adding to the population and in addition building underpasses and creating a neighbourhood in which crime can flourish.

4) Horsham does not need industrial units. All over the town there are many thousands of empty units and shops. Why do they not work towards filling these? A small housing estate like the new one on the A24 would be acceptable but creating an industrial estate is just irresponsible. Why are we building more when companies are leaving the UK for abroad for lower taxes and wages? There is no demand and therefore we ask why this is even being contemplated?

Horsham is an attractive Historic Market Town. It attracts families that have the wealth to keep our unique town alive. Changing Horsham into Crawsham and building this development will change our lovely town. The face of the town will change and small boutique shops and restaurants will close down. Families will move elsewhere and soon the low crime rates and good education that now attract people will become a thing of that past.

I understand houses need to be built but industrial units do not. Why can’t more houses be added to the many developments that have emerged this year? If the greenfield really has to be used then why cannot we have a development similar to the new luxury one on the A24? Why do we need to go to such extreme lengths of destruction and disruption and then rename the place! Who would build on the greenbelt, when there are other sites available within the town boundary? An incompetent, environmentally senseless plan for the above reason alone.

I hope that people’s views are taken into consideration during the decision process. I have yet to speak to anyone who supports this plan and it would be sad to see these views ignored.

Emma Verdon

Standen Place, Horsham