Letter: Rita Leaney - wonderful woman

I WAS very interested to read in the County Times of December 22 the story of Rita Leaney and the bombing of the train in the Second World War.

I trained as a florist with Mrs Leaney at the flower shop which was on the Carfax in Horsham.

What a wonderful lady she was, coping as she did with such terrible injuries. I stayed in touch with her until I moved to this area.

There is a bit of a strange twist to my side of the story. In 1992 I met my husband who told the story of the plane crashing on the gas works. His father was badly injured as he was delivering coal there when the plane crashed. Sadly my husband died seven years ago so I can’t find out more.

The other strange thing, I now live yards from where the plane crashed!

ANGELA HICKS (nee Covey, formerly Williams-Richardson)

Shripney Road, Bognor Regis