Letter: ‘Ripped off for parking in Horsham

I READ that the Government is urging local authorities not to have any increases in council tax which hopefully Horsham District Council will comply with.

However is it doing this at the cost of visitors to the town being ripped off for parking, whether it is for shopping or going to the Pavilions for swimming or other exercise which we are all urged to do? Is this the only way HDC can raise money or should it be looking closer to home?

I dare say that the staff all get a yearly pay increase, albeit small, but where my wife works her employers have never heard of a yearly increase or any other incentive.

On a recent visit to the council offices there were two separate reception desks with a total of five people. I thought this to be very much of a luxury that could ill be afforded.

If this is one case of over-staffing I wonder how many other cases could be found there?

At one time the pay of local authority workers was well behind the private sector. I think they have not only caught up but with all the benefits have now outstripped the private sector so rather than ripping off the local people some prudent cost-cutting could be made internally.


Copsale Road, Copsale