LETTER: Ribald laughter at Labour’s claim

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Your letters

Most people who know me are aware I have a ribald sense of humour. This was certainly triggered by Martyn Davis’ letter in last week’s WSCT.

As the parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in the forthcoming election, he states that the Conservatives in Horsham are in real danger of losing the seat to them.

From 1945 onwards, the Labour Party, when in power, have consistently reduced UK to bankruptcy and a standing of no more than a third world country.

Succeeding Conservative management has revitalised the economy and our standing in the world.

Right now we are seeing success and after the next election, under a Conservative administration, we will continue to grow, giving us all a better standard of life.

That will be without a Labour MP for Horsham.


(Con) Horsham district councillor for Holbrook West,

North Street,