Letter: Retail closure at Remembrance

Horsham Remembrance in The Carfax, Horsham 2016 SUS-161113-115832001

Remembrance Sunday is a central feature of UK and Commonwealth.

The time has come for Parliament to legislate to provide for retail closure on Remembrance Sunday.

Such a move will not only enable more workers to be able to partake in the events of Remembrance Sunday but also enhance the essential qualities ones associates with Remembrance Sunday as peace, reflection, dignity and understatement.

I hope that MPs in Sussex take this cause up. Amid all the difficulties with Brexit the cause of Remembrance Sunday is something that MPs and voters across party lines can come together on. And this country is crying out for common reference points.

Remembrance Sunday certainly draws people of all backgrounds together in respect for the men and women of HM Forces.

John Barstow

Member: Usdaw Executive Council, The Fleet, Fittleworth

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