Letter: Respect for the land

THE FARMLAND of Horsham’s Denne Park/Hill and Barrackfield together with the adjoining woodland has been privately owned by my family since the 1950s and the pasture is grazed by cattle year round.

Permission has, and continues to be, granted for a variety of activities including tobogganing in the years that there is snow.

However, we are often left to deal with and bear the cost of the anti-social behaviour of a minority, whether it is litter, fires or vandalism.

Last weekend part of the fence along the Worthing Road was pulled down as people have gone to toboggan on Denne Hill and this now needs to be repaired to prevent the cattle getting on to the busy road. When people visit the property we simply ask that they respect it, take their rubbish home and leave it as they found it when they arrived.


Denne Park, Horsham