LETTER: Residents’ views are being ignored

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Your letters

I am writing as I’m concerned at the continued development of our town into green belt land. Having just looked at the proposals for the development along the A264, I’m shocked as to how any local councillor who has any passion for our town (note the word town) can support this development.

The council’s first line below their website is: “Horsham contains some of the south east’s most delightful countryside.” Why is Horsham Council intent on destroying this?

The council is appointed to represent local residents’ views, this is being ignored.

A number of years ago Horsham was voted the second best place to live in the UK. We now don’t appear in the listings. The reason given, is because the town is being over developed particularly towards Crawley. Why doesn’t the council listen?

People live and move to Horsham, as they like to live in a town not a city, or a suburb.

Not one person I have spoken to supports this development, except the council who will destroy our town in order to ensure there are more houses to collect council tax from.

If this development goes ahead we will need to consider if living in Horsham is the right choice for my family.

I have read the reasons for the development and not one makes sense. We do not need to develop our countryside to bring employment. We have Gatwick Airport 10 mins away and The City of London 40mins away. We do not have a housing crisis in the area. Any reasoning supporting the development on Enviromental issues is nonsense. Why are the council not listening to the people they are meant to represent?

Mr Costello

Durfold Road, Horsham