LETTER: Residents now campaign weary

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Your letters

Last week letter writer Fred Fowler made reference to Horsham’s fifth place in the ‘Best places to live in the UK’ table. Unfortunately we no longer hold that position.

Horsham doesn’t even get a mention in the most recent top ten. We’ve obviously dropped out of sight. I wonder if that could have anything to do with the dissatisfaction of so many local residents at the way Horsham District Council’s leader and his small cabal of cabinet members are running the show?

In a previous edition of the paper your columnist Nik Butler commented on the apparent lack of voices raised in protest at the possible closure of town centre surgeries and their removal to the new Broadbridge Heath Quadrant site.

Perhaps local residents have become somewhat ‘campaign weary’. After all, many of us have been participating in recent struggles against the demolition of the Leisure Centre at Broadbridge Heath; the fight to maintain adequate sporting and leisure facilities there; the outrageous Horsham District Planning Framework proposals to allow an American developer to concrete over the green fields north of Horsham; the battle against the new flight paths recently being tested by Gatwick and the looming menace of a second runway at Gatwick (apparently welcomed by the aforementioned District Council leader). Many of us are probably catching our breath before leaping once more to the defence of Horsham and its somewhat diminishing appeal.

Still, maybe we should forget about this litany of problems for local people and look on the bright side… maybe those bright pink gum bins being installed around the town centre will push us right back up the ratings so that Horsham can once more claim to be one of the five best places to live in the UK. Watch this space...


Dorking Road, Warnham