LETTER: Report bin issues to the council

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In response to Mr Russell’s letter in the County Times of 13 February I’d like to point out that it is not true to say that resources in what he calls the ‘environmental department’ have been cut and or that the council is proposing to refuse to empty wheelie bins if they contain dog waste. The council does not have the resources to look through wheelie bins before they are emptied to see if they contain dog waste.

All the bins throughout the District are emptied on a regular basis. As with everything else, there are some occasions when inevitably some bins don’t get emptied for example the vehicle breaks down or the bin is accidentally omitted from the schedule because the regular member of staff is on holiday and the work is covered by someone else. Sometimes bins appear full when they are not and on occasions people put things in which they shouldn’t.

Most people dispose of their litter and dog waste sensibly. Our Litter and Cleansing staff do a brilliant job in difficult and often unpleasant circumstances. They work hard to ensure all bins are emptied regularly.

If someone sees a full litter or dog waste bin, rather than write to the newspaper with false rumours please report the full bin to the council so that we can arrange for it to be emptied as soon as possible. Please email the location of the bin and reference number to hopoast.depot@horsham.gov.uk and we will empty it as soon as possible or call 01403 733144 and leave a message if out of hours.


(Con, Holbrook East) Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, North Street, Horsham