LETTER: Relieved at council reassurances

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Your letters

I went with my husband last Thursday to the exhibition which was held in an empty shop opposite Country Casuals, concerning the North Horsham unwanted development.

The venue was right in the middle of Swan Walk, too far away from the Carfax for disabled people to be ‘dropped’ off by car. The former Aurac shop which is To Let in Piries Place would have been much more suitable and I did spot one other also nearer.

When we finally arrived I tackled the woman I believed to be Claire Vickers about it and her reply was that this was the only empty shop.

My husband is in the throes of a trapped sciatic nerve attack and hasn’t been able to walk more than a few feet for weeks. He was determined to get there to quiz Horsham District Council’s members of the Cabinet about the future of the A24 (Dorking Road) through to Capel now that the three lane replacement road is off the statute book and future increased traffic.

With several stops he made it but it could have been made easier.

The whole event was a bit of a ‘damp squib’, there were no West Sussex County Council Highways people there. Claire Vickers, ‘collared’ by my husband wanting answers to his questions kept looking around, obviously looking for a means of escape, which she managed and disappeared. Looking back on it she may have been hoping that Philip Circus might miraculously appear to call the Police.

No other Cabinet members were there.

All of this aside we came away with some wonderful news, that the Great Daux roundabout will not have permanent traffic lights installed, it will not be necessary. This we were told quite categorically and repeated at our request.

As Horsham District Council works to a 20 year plan we came away feeling somewhat relieved about the future.


Dorking Road, Warnham