Letter: Refusal to issue larger bins

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The decision to issue larger bins for recycling is to be welcomed, also we can all understand the savings that will be achieved by collecting the general waste green top bin every fortnight as against every week.

What is harder to grasp is the refusal to issue larger green top bins unless you are using nappies or more than four people in the household.

We are told that if your bin is full you must take the surplus to the depot tip where it will be double handed by the refuse service to be deposited alongside the contents of your green top bin that has been collected at your door.

The logic of this thought process of denying larger green top bins escapes me plus there is the dreadful thought, heaven forbid, that faced with a surplus of general waste some householders might succumb to the temptation of letting it mysteriously find its way into the capacious recycling bin.

Thus wrecking the whole aim of increasing our recycling and reducing the frequency of collection.

Richard Page

Marlpost Road, Southwater