LETTER: Refusal reasons are astonishing

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What an astonishing decision was made by a small number of councillors who, for reasons of their own, seemed determined to ensure the application for a new ground submitted by Horsham Football Club was refused.

How some people of Horsham District would like to ride their horses through the open countryside without distraction from a nearby Non-League football ground. The very thought of a crowd of people numbering less than three hundred made up mostly of OAPs, middle-aged law abiding folk and children has made the privileged few shudder in their stirrups.

Equine objections apart, it would seem it’s OK to build thousands of new homes on the boundaries of Horsham, Broadbridge Heath and Southwater and to build a large John Lewis / Waitrose Superstore which would increase traffic flow (don’t ever mention cyclists) along Worthing Road to the point where it becomes an obvious concern, yet an objection is made for a few extra cars on match days.

It’s astonishing the same councillors object to a development on the boundary in the so-called ‘strategic gap’ which already boasts a golf course, a petrol station, a large council park and ride, a not too modest council amenity tip and the A24 amongst others. How long before much needed housing becomes a reality also?

It’s astonishing such a decision can be carried by so few, with such distorted objections and against the recommendations of their own council officers.

It would be with such astonishment, if the councillors (who unsurprisingly appeared led by councillors from Southwater and Broadbridge Heath) that voted against the application, fully understand what the ramifications will be and what this will mean to Horsham Football Club, The Holbrook Club and the customers of both these much used and loved institutions?

Thankfully, there should be no astonishment that Horsham Football Club is made of sterner stuff and is considering an appeal.

Only then will a majority of people in Horsham District get an independent, unbiased hearing where a fair and proper decision can be made and be satisfied, regardless of the outcome.


Wellington Road, Horsham