LETTER: Recompense for appeal winners

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Your letters

I am replying to the article ‘House bid decision does violence to planning policies’.

The chairman of Horsham District Council’s development control south committee, Philip Circus, also chairman of the council, expressed his anger at the Inspectorate’s decision to overturn the council’s rejection of an application to build a four bedroomed house in Spinney Lane, West Chiltington. I am the owner of the land in question.

Mr Circus expresses his disappointment that the views of West Chiltington Parish Council were not taken into account. However, these well-meaning souls would not consider any change even if initiated by the Inspectorate itself!

Horsham District Council should, nevertheless, know the current planning rules and guidance and act accordingly. In the last two years, we have made two separate applications for planning permission within our grounds, both rejected on minimal grounds by parish or Horsham councils.

Both were won on appeal. In my opinion, the time wasted and the cost of an appeal that succeeds against the council’s original decision should be reimbursed to the successful applicant.


Spinney Lane, West Chiltington