Letter: Reason to not build

I WAS somewhat amused by the headline in the Horsham edition of the County Times, telling of Berkeley’s setback over the building of 550 houses on a local green field site.

The setback coming about by English Heritage suggesting that a property on the site could be registered as a listed building.

In view of the announcement that the South East is suffering from a drought, it occurred to me that this was a far greater reason for not building those houses.

If there is not enough water to supply all the existing houses in the region, where is all the water needed to come from, firstly to build these, and secondly, once built, to supply showers, washing machines and dishwashers?

According to Southern Water, each person uses on average 150 litres. One doesn’t have to be a mathematical genius to see that a vast extra amount of water will be needed to supply these homes, which currently is not available.

Perhaps the authorities will shortly wake up to the fact that their current idea of building thousands of houses in the South East is not really a viable proposition in the current circumstances.


Blunts Way, Horsham