Letter: reason for few North Horsham comments?

ADAM Walker, of Crickmay Chartered Surveyors, is quoted in the County Times of January 5 as saying that there were only half a dozen comments to the proposals to develop on the north side of the A264.

Could that be because the vast majority of us did not know anything about it?

Horsham District Council’s lack of enthusiasm to put these proposals in the public eye makes me wonder if it is, in fact, already a ‘done deal’ and that all that is left to do is to convince us, the public, that it is what we all want and need.

The clever part is the promise of appealing amenities, such as a new hospital, and yet it is widely reported that the NHS has not been forthcoming in funding these.

In the present economic climate, and with such woeful news about a further recession in 2012, does anyone really believe that they will change their minds on this occasion? Alternatively, a private one is not exactly what the public is after, is it?

There have been many articles and letters written in the County Times in recent weeks and I strongly support any that are opposed to allowing developers, land owners and, apparently in this case, a firm of chartered surveyors, to build all over what little is already left of countryside around Horsham.

Please could someone from the council also tell us what has happened to its ‘strategic gap’, the purpose of which I thought was to keep Horsham separate from Crawley?

When they built the A264 bypass above Horsham, we were led to believe that no further development would be allowed on the north side of it.


Old Holbrook, North Horsham