LETTER: Rattling along Roman Road

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Your letters

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a modern car on a Roman Road?

Well now you can. After several months of road closures with long queues of traffic in and out of Storrington, the engineers have managed to recreate a 300 yard stretch of ‘Roman Road’. It couldn’t have been easy for them to get the Tarmac to mimic the cobbles, undulations and cartwheel grooves one would associate with a centuries old road.

They must have had their top guys on the job because you can really get the feel and thrill of what it must have been like. It is so realistic I’m positive I heard some chariots roaring past me the other day!

If you want to try this spectacular feat of engineering just drive along the Storrington/Washington road and you’ll find it adjacent to the new Millford Grange housing estate.

Be warned... if you wear dentures do make sure they’re firmly fixed!


Hormare Crescent, Storrington