LETTER: Radical changes in national Church

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Your letters

I was interested to read of the appointment of the Rev Canon Fiona Windsor as the new Archdeacon of Horsham – yet another indication as to how feminised the Church of England – along with such institutions as our armed forces – has become.

That said, I wish her well with her new assignment.

As a lapsed Anglican – schooled on the King James Bible and Book of Common Prayer, I find it difficult to keep pace with the radical changes that have taken place in our national Church over the last 30 years or so.

Increasingly, it seems to me that our Church – so desperate to attract new members – will go to any lengths in the name of equality and modernity to appeal to the mainly secular younger generation.

Time and again, one has heard from the pulpit that the Gospel must be preached afresh to each generation. And if this means abandoning long held beliefs and traditions, then so be it.

For example, former Archbishop George Carey’s dramatic change of heart over assisted suicide for the terminally ill is a case to ponder.

And the fact that research conducted by Lancaster University suggests that the majority of lay Anglicans agree with him indications just how far the Church of England has taken on board secular values.

The fact that traditional Christian teaching sets Man apart from the animals appears to have been ignored.

Rather like the modern Conservative Party, the leaders of our national Church now place great emphasis upon gender presentation.

As with the average school curriculum, English history and traditions have been put on the back burner – in order to avoid anything that appears too difficult or – heaven forbid – old fashioned.

Clearly, sport – in all its various forms and with its own distinctive vestments and chants – is now our country’s new religion – with disastrous results!

While on the subject of gender equality, is there a branch of the Horsham Women’s Institute – or perhaps I should simply say, ‘WI’ – willing to admit men into membership? Just a thought.


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham