LETTER: Questions raised over QC’s role

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Your letters

The letter from Stephanie Matson (WSCT 27.11.14) ‘Appalled at the use of leading QC’ was spot on.

I attended the 11 November session when North Horsham was considered and didn’t at first appreciate the role of Christopher Katkowski QC of Landmark Chambers. He was sitting next to HDC’s planning officers and next to Mr Salter the Inspector.

The QC introduced himself and at some point the Inspector indicated they had known each other for some time. Then Mr Katkowski seemed to be offering advice to the Inspector. So it appeared to us mere residents that not only had HDC spent our money on a QC to defend the flawed scheme of Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Croft and Rae but that he was advising the Inspector who is supposed to be independent!


Tennyson Close, Horsham