LETTER: Question for HDC over gifted land

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Your letters

A question for Horsham district councillors.

In 1987 the Hurst family gave land to the local community with the specific purpose of providing social housing and social care accommodation for the benefit of elderly residents of Horsham.

Social care accommodation was provided by way of the construction of Evelyn Lancaster House on a part of that gifted land.

Evelyn Lancaster House was closed by Southern Housing Group at the end of 2013 and has been boarded up since then.

So, councillors, how can it possibly be that according to Land Registry records as of 23rd December 2014 Evelyn Lancaster House and the ‘gifted’ land on which it sits have been in the possession of a company registered in the tax haven of Luxembourg ( anyone ever hear of a Mr Junckers?). And ultimately owned by Bridgepoint Europe 1v, a venture capital specialist investment fund ( anyone ever heard of the Southern Cross debacle).

So, councillors, please tell us elderly Horsham residents who are in need of social care accommodation now or in the future how we benefit from the results of the latest ‘goings on’ behind the closed doors of Horsham District Council offices.

Come on councillors tell us old folks of Horsham another one of your stories. Tell us another one do. You have until May.

P.S. Who do I get in touch with in Luxembourg to advise them that some type of alarm has been constantly beeping in their property for several days?


St Mark’s Lane, Horsham