Letter: Queen Street in the 1940s

On seeing the photograph in last week’s County Times of Queen Street, Horsham, in bygone days it brought back many childhood memories.

The building on the left of the picture is the ‘Alexandra Rose Inn’ where I was born in 1937 and my elder brother Brian in 1934.

I well remember the open ground on the opposite side of Queen Street with the railing along.

After the war we lived for a while with my grandmother in Queen Street and I remember swinging on the railings on my way to St Mary’s School which was then in a building adjacent to St Mark’s Church in North Street.

My husband, who used to walk unaccompanied from his home in Wellington Road to the Infants’ School at the end of Clarence Road, towards the end of the war remembers there being a large water tank situated on the open ground for use if required by the fire brigade.

I am not sure of the date of the photograph but imagine it was taken just after the end of the war.


Pollards Drive, Horsham