LETTER: Quality of life will be destroyed by another Gatwick runway

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Your letters

A Colgate resident commented, ‘I’m OK in Colgate but Rusper is terrible with the noise from the planes, it is unbearable if you are in the garden!’

If I had not worked hard to build a family home in a historic West Sussex village, having moved away some 11 years ago to escape the M25 pollution bucket of Oxted, then I might consider Gatwick expansion with some disregard but listening to independent community information you know that your home, village and quality of life is about to be destroyed if Gatwick expands. Let alone the congestion of the roads even with the added lane of the M25 (more pollution for Oxted!).

Parish councils seem to be in denial, but then Gatwick has just appointed two London agencies to secure a second runway by manipulating the press and lobbying those that we elected to represent us in the Commons.

How can communities expect to given independent information or fight such power when money talks.

Before the Rusper affect arrives over your home visit an independent community led website of www.gacc.org.uk/the-runway-issue and form your own opinion.


Mayes Lane, Warnham